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                 Everyone loves Pugs! They are lov- ing, loyal, friendly, comical and smart; they can also be a bit stub- born! If you own a Pug you know
already how easily he has trained you to give him whatever he wants—just by using big eyes and his charming personality. So now it’s time to think about training him for Companion Events. Pugs were indeed bred to be companions and lap dogs but they love to be busy and can do so much more. Pugs are happy and success- ful competitors and they make their presence known not just in the breed ring but also in American Kennel Club (AKC) Obedience, Rally and Agility Companion Events! People
by Donna Manha
are discovering that Pugs can do it all. What do you need to train your Pug? You will need patience, a sense of hu- mor, creativity, a commitment to the time and energy it takes and lots of no-calorie or low-calorie treats. When my first Pug came on the scene I was thrilled at how fast he learned! I don’t breed so I have had no more than three Pugs at home at one time, usually two. That means there isn’t al- ways another dog waiting in the wings to show in conformation once the dog I am showing has finished its show career. What to do next? For me, the answer is easy because every dog goes on to train and compete in at least one Companion Event. Both of us need to
still be doing something. If you don’t do conformation, just jump right into whichever venue you choose.
So where do you start? Start by eval- uating what fits both you and your Pug’s personality so that you have reachable goals. Just like people, Pugs come with a variety of mindsets and natural abilities. They have their pref- erences and strengths just like you do, and your dog may be better suited for one type of companion competition over another. Fortunately it’s the rare Pug that isn’t happy doing whatever you want him to. If you are happy they are happy. Go and watch Obedience, Rally and Agility. Which ones of these do you think you would enjoy?
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