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                 The reverse side of the card reads: “Black and Tan Terrier Points: Head, from back of head to tip of nose, very long and flat between the ears, eyes small and dark, ears V-shaped and small, teeth level and jaw not ‘snipy’ not too thick, body short, back arched, tail carried low and ending to a point, ‘Rat Tailed,’ legs straight, feet hare footed. Color rich red tan and black ‘penciling’ on top of each toe, tan under base of tail, no tan on neck, or hind legs or back of ears, a tan spot on the cheek and over each eye. ‘The tan should begin at each nostril and con- tinue by ridges of the nose and then fall under the jaw.’”
The next pair of tobacco cards also hail from the UK (Figures 8 and 9). The first shows a dog in front of a pond and was issued as part of Gallaher Ltd’s second series in 1938. Descriptions on the reverse read as follows: “Manchester Terrier: People looking for a medium–sized house– dog sensible in appearance and tem- perament, could not do better than a Manchester Terrier. They were once among the most popular of dogs, especially in the Manchester dis- trict, but the public taste for fanciful breeds has reduced their numbers. The black and tan of their coat makes them handsome and the short hair keeps clean.”
“The Black and Tan Terrier: Origi- nally known as the English Terrier is related to most of the other Terrier types such as the Irish, Welsh, Fox and Airedale. This attractive little dog has prick ears and a smooth coat of a black and tan color. The minia- ture Black and Tan is better known classified as a Toy Breed. According to a leading authority the Black and Tan was crossed with a small type of Greyhound, whose characteristics can be traced in the breed today.” Mistakes do happen and those some- times provide interest for collec- tors. One example of this is the Mills Filtertip Cigarettes card from 1958 (Figure 10). Produced as a set of 25 by the Amalgamated Tobacco 44 • Top NoTch Toys, sepTember 2019
Company,card#18depictsaManches- ter Terrier with a description on the reverse actually stating the breed be a Gordon or Black and Tan Setter! The final two cards we will look at are both European in origin. The first comes from the United Tobacco Agencies of Eindhoven, Holland and was is- sued with their brand “Full Speed Cigarettes” in the early 1950s (Figure 11). The Manchester Terrier is #16 in a set of 192 plain–backed cards that were printed on the packaging of the product, leaving the customer to cut out the cards and mount them. The second is a nice late–1940s card from the German brand Tabakwaren of Munich (Figure 12). Austria–Bild- werk Kamerad Hund issued the cards with their brands of ‘Milde Sorte,’ ‘Memphis,’ ‘Sphinx,’ ‘Khedive,’ ‘Jon- ny’ and ‘Dames–Doppelfilter.’ This is an unusual set of 150 cards in large size. Card 87/150 shows the two sizes of the breed.
The description on the back reads: “Schnauzer und Terrier Der Schwar- zloh–oder Manchester–Terrier darf als einziger Terrier einen ungestutz- ten Schwanz tragen, dafur aber ke- ine langen Ohren wie alle anderen Erdhund; diese werden zu Stehohren zurechtgestutzt. Elegant, zierlich, leichtfuBig, wurde er zum beliebten Luxushund und hat langst kein Ver- langen mehr nach seinem ursprun- gliechen Jagdberuf Schulterhohe 40 cm.” Translation: “The Black and Tan or Manchester Terrier is the only Ter- rier breed which is allowed to have an uncropped tail—but the ears are not as long as in other Terrier breeds— they are cropped to errected ears. Elegant, graceful and light-footed he became a popular and luxury com- panion dog and lost his native hunting instinct. Height 40 cm.”
Jo Ann Emrick has bred Standard Manchester Terriers under the Wilane prefix since 1973. She currently resides in Pasadena, Texas, USA and can be reached by email at
Fig 10: Mills Filtertip misprint (1958)
   Fig 11: Full Speed Cigarettes (1950s)
 Fig 12: Tabakwaren of Munich (1940s)
   Fig 8-9: Gallaher Ltd series (1938)

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