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                COLLECTING 101
  Collecting Manchester Terrier memorabilia has been a passion of mine since 1985! Along the way, I have seen and purchased
some wonderful collectibles and I am happy to share. We will look at cigarette cards, trade cards, adver- tising cards, die cuts, postcards from my collection.
The first set of dog cigarette cards to be issued were distributed in the United States as part of a series en- titled “Dogs of The World” and in- cluded a full body image of a Man- chester Terrier (Figure 1). They were published by Goodwin & Co. of New York & London in 1890. Even though Goodwin & Co. had a brand called “Dogs Head Cigarettes,” these cards were issued under the “Old Judge” Cigarette Factory name. Collectors will note that there were a few varia- tions, such as differing caption and numbering locations while some aren’t numbered. Today, these white– based cards are difficult to find. In the early–1900s, the United
By Jo Ann Emrick
Kingdom’s Taddy & Co. issued a head and shoulder study of a Manchester Terrier with a green border. This was the first set of dog cards issued in the UK and the “Manchester Terrier” was the 20th card in a set of 50.
It has always come as a great surprise to me to find no cigarette card showing a Manchester from the large selection produced by John Player & Sons from paintings by Arthur Wardle. From the late–1920s to the early–1940s, Players & Wardle collaborated on no fewer than 13 cigarette card sets, to- taling over 450 individual cards with not a single Manchester. Wardle did produce a Manchester card for W.D. & H.O. Wills, Bristol & London (Fig- ure 2). Produced in 1915 and issued by the Imperial Tobacco Co., the Man- chester Terrier card was 15th in a set of 25 cards that themselves made up the second in a series of dog cards. The description on the back of the card reads: “The Black and Tan, or Manchester Terrier of today is a com- paratively modern breed. During the
Fig. 1: Dogs of the World series (1890)
  Fig. 2: Imperial Tobacco (1915)
a passion of mine since 1985!”
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Fig. 3: Players series (1938)

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