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 We are frequently asked for ways to make advertising easier and thought we would share a few tips.
• Select the right photo or photos. Make sure it is clear, well focused and that it is not too dark or too light. Always choose a photo with the most contrast.
• Scan and email to me at 300 DPI (most scanners do this au- tomatically). bonnie@aramedia-
• If you need to mail it to our of- fice, be sure to attach your name and address so it can be returned to you.
• Type or print the ad text. Hand- written text is often hard to read.
• If you know how you want your ad to look you can email a draw- ing or tell us what you have in mind—include your idea for the background. If you dislike a spe-
cific color please tell us!
• Highlight important facts. If
some parts of your text need spe- cial treatment like bold letters or italics, indicate that on your text email.
• Check the spelling on your text and be sure you have included ev- erything. One email is best if you can have the judges names, show, all pertinent information. Need a flash? Just name it!
• Remember that less is better. The more words the less likely to be read and makes the photo less
impressive. One picture is really
worth 1,000 words.
• Cropping? Let us crop but tell us
where. If you are removing peo- ple be sure you are not deleting an important person!
• Payment—we accept all credit cards.
• Electronic files—we can accept photos in JPEG or a PDF.
• Our fast turn around for ad de- sign makes it critical you review and reply with any changes as soon as possible. You will receive a revised design.
Advertising is very important
Placing ads on a regular basis helps fanciers recognize your kennel name, your commitment to the breed and see your accomplishments. Many of us are familiar with one another at ringside but at shows there is little time to talk. Even at specialty shows it is often hard to quiz fellow breeders about their stock, its strongest points and future breeding plans.
It is so helpful to sit down, page through a magazine and find out what we need to know in terms of
18 • Top NoTch Toys, sepTember 2019
pedigrees, winning dogs or owners names. There is no substitute for the printed word and beautiful photo. An ad with your latest wins or your excit- ing upcoming litter is the best way to get information across to the people you want to reach. A National maga- zine like TNT reaches more serious Toy lovers and judges than any other source. TNT is all fabulous toys, all the time!
I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better. To- gether we can plan an ad or a cam- paign that will be beneficial and ac- complish the goals you have in mind. Call or email me so we can talk about toys. Inquiring minds want to know.
Bonnie 863.738.8848
by Bonnie Guggenheim, TNT Advertising Director & Associate Editor

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